The reception venues in Adelaide are great for weddings, parties and social gatherings. They have different advantages such as size, location, shape and policies. If you are looking for a reception venue for a social event, here are ways in booking one.

List all your needs from a reception venue on a sheet of paper. Include the number of guests you will have and the necessary furniture. Also jot down the budget you have for the event.

Check your telephone directory and list down names of banquet halls and their telephone numbers. Call each number and limit your list based on size, type and location. You can also check if these venues have websites so that you can check the pictures there.

Have an appointment with each of the reception venues in Adelaide. Visit them and get the halls you prefer and you feel comfortable to be in. Check their kitchens and bathrooms as well. Know if it is necessary for you to order from the hall’s kitchen and what kind of menu do they offer. Ask if these halls are available on the date of your event.

Choose the final reception venue you want. Make an agreement with the owner and go over it thoroughly before you sign. Make a deposit as this shall make a major part of the cost. See if you need to cut down your invitation list given the space of your chosen hall.

If you have limited budget, you can go for more affordable reception venues. To look for an inexpensive one, you need to make an early reservation and plan ahead. There are those who make a one year advance booking to get a very cheap quote. During summer, reception halls are very costly as this is a peak season, especially for weddings. Rent a venue during off season to minimize cost.

Always do comparison shopping to get a cheap reception venue. There are discount packages available so these are worth a try. Just go over the terms and conditions carefully. If you get a good package, you can incur huge savings.

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You should also think about the location of reception venues because there are those that are more expensive than the others. Check out the venues that cost lesser such as hotel function halls, museums or church halls.

A technique in getting a low price is to book on specific week days because weekends cost more. It is actually cheaper to book on Friday nights and afternoons of Sundays than on Saturdays.

These are the tips in renting reception venues in Adelaide.