During special occasions, the need to have a private place where you can enjoy fun time with friends and family pops up. In gathering a large group, you will need a large space equipped with all the amenities you will need to host an entertaining party. If you are a local of Adelaide or even a tourist, a number of places might be recommended to you. However, nothing beats Second Floor Lounge if you are looking for the best function room hire in Adelaide.

Suitable for All Occasions

Other function room hire in Adelaide have some restrictions, like in space and flexibility. Weddings, for instance, usually involve a long list of guests that other facilities are not equipped to cater. Some rooms may look too dull for the fun party you are planning and the management cannot do anything to make it suit the mood you want to create. Second Floor Lounge will surprise you. Their friendly and efficient staff have years of experience at organizing various event. So, be it a wedding, birthday, promotion, engagement, debut, or anniversary, you can be assured that the venue will be arranged just the way you expect it to be.

Wide Selection of Food

Aside from filling your tummies with your favorite sumptuous dishes, they also have in their menu a selection of food that will bring a twist to the ordinary. Surprise your guests with desserts made from the Durian fruit, a delicacy you seldom see in other restaurants. Their preparations will make even those who stay away from the fruit be tempted to try a spoonful of ice cream or cream brulee. Second Floor Lounge’s function room hire in Adelaide also serves platters of appetizers that will entice your taste buds. Let east meet west with the variety of food included in their platters, like chicken skewer, Chinese spring rolls, Japanese Takoyaki, and sausage rolls. Your Asian guests will never feel too far away from home, yet at the same time feel elated to try new offerings. Not only that, you can also find the perfect drink to match your meal from the long list of beverages they have in their menu. Of course, the main dish is not left ignored. Expect only great recipes cooked to perfection and presented so beautifully to delight all your guests.

Full Blast Entertainment

Be it a night of singing or dancing, Second Floor Lounge’s function room hire in Adelaide can serve all your entertaining needs. Its main area is equipped with 3 microphones and 2 large screens to help you out on a night of karaoke singing or video clips. Show your guests footages of the 25 years you have spent as a couple as you celebrate your silver wedding anniversary or photos of your courtship as you entertain your wedding guests.

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Amazing Deal

Second Floor Lounge will charge you $0 on your room hire if you spend at least $1000 on your food and drinks. No other function room hire in Adelaide can beat that deal. Furthermore, once you confirmed your booking, expect their great staff to handle all the organising for you so you will be headache free. Just come to the venue and enjoy the hours away.