For over five years now, Second Floor Lounge has been helping clients in and around Adelaide to hold various events in our facility. Below are some facts that give our Function rooms in Adelaide an upper hand in the market today.

Friendly Customer Support Team – In order to ensure that we offer the best services to our clients always; we have set a team of customer support professionals that are motivated and determined to ensure that the diverse clients’ needs are met within the stipulated time frame. Our function room in Adelaide personnel will take you through the whole process of event planning to ensure that you function is a success.

Modern Amenities – Various changes in technology has led to the development of new sound systems and other modern amenities that are specifically designed for use in various occasions. We understand this concept too well and that is why all our function room in Adelaide is fitted with various technologically advanced sound systems such as microphones and speakers. In addition, we have an air conditioning system that helps to keep the atmosphere clean and appealing to your visitors. In addition, we have two big screens that you can use to display pictures and videos to your audience. You can also choose to play your own music in the party by just giving your USB flash drive.

Affordable – It is a proven fact that price sometimes hinder clients from hiring a top quality a function room in Adelaide. Fortunately, all our function rooms are priced at very affordable rates that will help you save some money that you can use to cater for other party needs. We also offer discounts that can help minimize your total event costs even further. Be sure to provide us with all the relevant information regarding your function so as to ensure that we give to a comprehensive price quote to help you formulate an accurate budget. Ensure that you stick to the budget so as to avoid plunging yourself into financial turmoil.

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Offer Foods and Beverages – Our function room in Adelaide not only provide you with space to hold your event but also a wide range of foods and beverages that are prepared by our world class renowned Chefs. The foods are prepared using fresh foodstuffs such as vegetables hence you can be sure to get top quality healthy food as per your specifications.

Efficient and Reliable – Unlike other providers of the same service, our function room in Adelaide can be customized to meet your specific function event. For example, you can change the furniture arrangement to suit your occasion. Space is not an issue; we our rooms can provide you with enough space to accommodate all your visitors. You can also choose to relax and enjoy the quality atmosphere of our Garden style balcony as you enjoy the wide variety of foods and drinks.

Be sure to arrange the function room in Adelaide in such a manner that it compliments or blends well with your main function or event theme . Contact us today for an affordable function room that will suit your needs best.